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Our Story

Moorside Farm & Cottage is the actualisation of a dream that we started talking about well over 12 years ago. 
We met in London while both working for Gordon Ramsay and moved to Dubai shortly after where we spent almost eleven years building our careers (Scott as a hugely successful award-winning chef and restaurateur and Emily as a well-regarded journalist and food writer) and our family (we have three little ones Georgia (6) and Beatrix (3) and Alexander (1). 
When the opportunity to buy what would be become Moorside Farm came up, we both knew it wasn’t to be missed and we relocated to Scotland in the summer of 2021. 

We started by completely re-renovating what is now Moorside Cottage and have huge plans for the future of the farm – there is honey to be made, beer to be brewed, fruit and veg to be grown and harvested, pizza ovens to be fired up. 
We’re passionate about great experiences, making memories and celebrating Scotland and all the local produce, producers and beauty spots the country has to offer. 
We’d love you to visit and do the same.

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